is a visual artist and designer based in the UAE. She is more than just a character count and a filtered photo in the massive void of the social network. She is a mass of ideas rendered into multiple forms of design and years of experience waiting to be gained. She takes pleasure in innovative storytelling through related fields of Visual Communication. She holds a B.Sc in Visual Communication.


The First Year [of Marriage], 2020
Footballitis, 2020
Kaan Ya Ma Kora, 2020
K-POP, 2019
In this Street of Tokyo, 2019
dddddyyyyysssssslllllllleeeeeexxxxxiiiiiiiiiiaaaaa, 2019
Le Corbeau, 2019
2020 [Calendar], 2019
Type Specimen: Futura, 2018
Siren, 2018
Architectural Drawings, 2017
Japanese Joints, 2016
Digital Illustrations