is a visual artist and designer based in the UAE. She describes herself as more than just a character count and a filtered photo in the massive void of social media. She is years of experience, with a lot more to learn. She explores innovative storytelling through multiple fields of Visual Communication such as typography, animation, and illustration.


The First Year [of Marriage], 2020
Footballitis, 2020
Kaan Ya Ma Kora, 2020
K-POP, 2019
In this Street of Tokyo, 2019
dddddyyyyysssssslllllllleeeeeexxxxxiiiiiiiiiiaaaaa, 2019
Le Corbeau, 2019
2020 [Calendar], 2019
Type Specimen: Futura, 2018
Siren, 2018
Architectural Drawings, 2017
Japanese Joints, 2016
Digital Illustrations